Thursday, October 8, 2009

suicide and ptsd among vietnam vets

So basically PTSD is a huge contributor to suicide among the Vietnam vets. PTSD develops after a traumatic event that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless. The stress from the war finally catches up to the veterans and life gets hard for them, leading up to the PTSD. Remembering what they had to go through, who they had to kill, who they had to see get killed, and other nasty things that goes through their mind about the war that they were once in . Being in the war is tough enough, and years later remembering all of it and having a constant reminder in your brain of all the things that happened leads to the PTSD syndrome that they develop. One of the symptoms that this disorder causes is bad dreams. My grandpa was in Vietnam and he has the nasty night terrors weekly. He never describes his dreams in detail. He says they are like replays of the war. He quite often wakes up really sweaty and mumbles in his sleep. Also he moves around a lot. Also another symptom is constantly thinking about what happened to you and to these veterans that is very hard considering everything they had to see and go through. Some people feel emotional numbness – loss of memory to that event and feeling out of place or detached for example. Some people who struggle with PTSD are angry, develop depression, have substance abuse, and feel suicidal. Many of the Vietnam veterans who have PTSD develop suicidal thoughts and some have even gone through the drastic measure of taking their lives because they were not able to handle things anymore.


  1. It is trully sad how after the war is over it can still be hurting people. I feel really bad because most of these people cant just come back from war and act like everything is normal. Its sad.

  2. This was very interesting and is a topic worth reading about away from this blog. My dad was in vietnam and I talk to him frequently (more so now that we are reading The Things They Carried) and he is lucky to not have even the slightest remorse for what he did in Vietnam, but he knows many people who struggle with PTSD. It is so sad, but it is no wonder after what many of them go through.