Friday, October 16, 2009

M-16 round

I really liked this poem because it had a nice tone and easy flow to it. I like how he compares the round to a gymnast. That first line gives you a strong visual and it's a nice and strong comparison. As i was reading the first stanza I was able to have a vivid image because of how descriptive he is. Also the comparisons throughout the poem create strong images. I think this poem shows you how strong their weapons just are and how strongly the soldiers feel about their weapons. These weapons are what helps them save their lives but also takes other lives. This poem lets you know just how powerful this weapon is. The last line in the poem is very powerful. I think it is there to let you know how fast it all happens and then it is completely over for the person this weapon is used against.


  1. I agree with you Josh because the poem is super powerful for how short it is. It gives a vivid image and makes you imagine the gun shooting someone.

  2. this poem's language just rocks. muscular and lyric. good job!