Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Response to “How U.S. Households Could Cut Emissions of Greenhouse Gases”

Without a doubt, “global warming” is a concern that is quickly rising with many people. Is the there even going to be any consequences 10 years, 100 years, or even 1000 years from not? Who knows? Since man has only studied the earth’s climate for a relatively short time, a couple hundred years, why is it such a concern? Reliable studies of this have only been recorded since 1850. The earth has been around for thousands of years and here we look at the past century and a half claiming the world is going to fall apart?! Quite frankly, this isn’t a plausible reaction. This doesn’t, however, mean we should close the door to different ideas. It is very wise to listen and test all theories.
In the article, the writer simply discusses the benefits and reasons for making households efficient. Not only is it easier on everyone’s pocketbook, but it also is good for the environment. Whether or not you believe in “preserving” the earth, the idea of changing your house insulation and energy usage is good for everybody. Some people are just ignorant to change because they hate movements like this, but is that the right approach to take? Certainly not. In the article, Elizabeth Rosenthal provides us with statistics and data that reveal the good in changing your house. Thomas Dietz, a professor at Michigan State University came up with these assumed results from just following 17 easy household actions. “They concluded that, over 10 years, shifting behavior could save 123 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, or 20 percent of household emissions in the United States” So are these global warming fanatics going nuts with their ideas? Probably, but are these changes worth it? YES.

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