Thursday, October 8, 2009

Foreing Policy:The Domino Theory

The Domino Theory

After WWII there was an increase fret in regards of the spread of communism. Soviet Union established the Iron curtain, many countries and famous cities were under the control of the Soviets in some form or the other. Communism spread to many of the countries which the Soviets had control over and after China’s civil war, they too became communist. President Truman fret the communist threat and therefore the Marshall plan was developed to send aid to Western European countries, to relieve poverty and alleviate the Post war burdens in Western Europe in hopes that this countries would not turn to the communist Soviet Union for financial relieve. President Eisenhower and George Kenn believed that countries which were absorbed beyond “the buffer zone” into communism was a threat to democracy and the U.S. If any nation became under the influence of communism, there was a sure and a real chance for other neighboring nations to follow into what it was called “ the domino theory”.Hence, this foreign policy concluded that the U.S duty was to withhold and prevent the spread of communism. Korea and Vietnam was the perfect example of the involvement of this theory. If Vietnam
fell under the Communist regime the communist would have the advantage to take over Burma,
Thailand, Malaya, andIndonesia. Having such a large territory under the communist influence was a defiant threat to Democracy and the U.S.

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