Saturday, October 17, 2009

- So We Shot -

"So We Shot" was the poem that stood out the most for me. Their fascination with weaponry and death was the most persistent factor in the poem, and their love for simply shooting up everything.

The feeling of helplessness, in terms of combating the enemy seems to cause an outburst of anger, which is directed at destroying their surroundings.

After the amount of bloodshed, carnage, destruction, and death they have witnessed, simply killing anything all seems like part of the environment that they live in. In some cases, this can consume people, eventually leading to their own downfall.

For them, death seems like a way out – first by killing any and everything they encounter, before alleviating themselves.

This poem is a great example of the effects of war, and how people deal with its effects.
On a side note, I have been able to with numerous veterans of various wars who fought on both sides, and both tell the sheer destruction they all witnessed. It’s amazing to hear their stories, and especially how they were able to "adapt" to such hostile environments, as well as adjusting to post-war life.

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  1. kyle, good job and i like your side note. i think it's true that you'll find the experience on both sides of war harrowing and haunting. the need to express and communicate about it is a common thread as well, and the effects of NOT doing that. . .