Friday, October 16, 2009

So We Shot

This poem talks about how the soldiers shot almost anything they saw from animals to Vietnamese women and children and in the end themselves. I chose this poem because it reminded me of the story professor Lohre had told us about the author, and also because it made me feel sorry for the soldiers. I got the feeling that these soldiers didn't really know why they were fighting, maybe because of their age. For example when he says, "We liked to shoot things. Boys being boys." This made me think about how these young men who were still young at heart, were brought into this war to do things they were not ready for or mature enough to do yet. Unfortunately causing these men to kill themselves.


  1. I agree. They were too young to be anything but boys still. They didn't know what was going on with this war.

  2. I think maybe they shot these things is partly due to being so paranoid. they didn't want to die so they shot to defend themselves. i agree that they were young at heart and weren't ready for what was in store for them.

  3. this one really gets me too, vinny. it also reminds me of being a kid on the farm and shooting things for no reason and then later regretting it. learning the hard way.