Saturday, October 17, 2009

So We Shot

I felt that "So We Shot" was one of the more interesting poems in this packet. The poem starts off rather light tone as it speaks of how boys love to shoot things. Even I myself, at a young child found myself with a fascination about guns. I know I wasn't the only one either. Its hard to say why many young boys have such a fascination about such a dark thing. For me it was because of the sense of excitement that they brought to me. At the time I was far to naive to think about death and the guilt of being a murderer. Then the poem proceeds to get darker as it speaks of how they shot animals, people, and finally themselves. Perhaps some people don't realize the horror of murder until they have have already done it and too late to correct it. Perhaps others do such evils because they have to or for the greater good. But I know one thing, death is a terrible thing.


  1. It seems as if no one fully understands war until they are actually there. In this case, I think that since they were so used to death and destruction, that it changed them, in which they began taking it out on their surroundings.

  2. jake, i like how you notice and walk us through the change in tone this poem takes, just through the progression of nouns in the poem. nice work!