Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Money for your broken ipod

No matter how old your ipod is it can still be valuable to some one. If you have any extra ipods you can try giving them away to a free recycle group. Apple is trying to recycle the metals and plastics that make up the ipod. They do this by letting customers turn in their old ipod for a 10% discount on any new ipod. Another way to recycle is by selling your broken or working ipod to websites such as www.buymytronics.com they recycle all parts of your ipod so nothing is wasted and then they resell them. You get an immediate estimate for your device. For example some one turned in a dead first-generation iPod could earn about $4, while a working iPod Touch would garner nearly $100. BuyMyTronics also takes cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, and game consoles.

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  1. this is a very informative article, it is suprising to see that we can earn money and also save the planet by doing this little things