Saturday, October 17, 2009

M-16 Round

M-16 round is a poem that has strong meaning. While the poem only has 9 stanzas the poem tells a deep message of a bullet from an m-16 round. The metaphors used are trully amazing and create such vivid imagery in my head. My favortie passage of the poem is the first line, "Little gymanst, how you spin,". That line give you an imagery of beauty and athetics, but very next line after give you a different transformation of the imagery in your mind. I must also say I am not really into poems but found myself reading one after another with pleasure.


  1. I loved the line that followed the line you spoke of that reads: "how the flesh applauds". It is pretty fascinating how Micus was able to speak so beautifully about a bullet being shot at/into someone.

  2. what brian pointed out is called "personification" of a metaphor, and means giving human attributes to inhuman things or objects. it's a powerful device if used well, and eddie micus uses figurative language super well. good job, nick! nice to see you using the features of the blog and adding in!