Saturday, October 17, 2009

Essay Two prompt from Mike

Essay Two Prompt

Analysis essay on an interpretive question taken from

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

The goal: write a 3 to 6 page (800 to 1600 words) essay that explores deeply the possible responses to a good interpretive question from The Things They Carried.

The essay should be a traditional academic style essay with a thesis, body, and conclusion. You should mostly use third person point of view, but you may use the “I” point of view if you want to make a personal connection or comparison to the evidence. If something in your life helps illustrate or interpret the evidence, then connect it and use the first person, but overall, you should write from a more objective distance in this essay, and bring in the evidence from the book.

You will use your skills in paraphrase, of course, and you may use direct quotes as well, but make sure you do not overdo the use of quotes.

MLA style should be used for all in-text citations, and of course for the Works Cited page.

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