Friday, October 16, 2009

M-16 Round

M-16 Round was a good poem to me because the details he uses help me to picture a gunshot going off. It says it ricochets off bone and that is such a vivid image that it grosses me out. The last sentence is so simple yet sums up the whole poem because it says that the boy is dead and all he will hear is quiet because he's dead. It was a short poem but I like short poems because they are easier to understand for me and I get more of a meaning out of it.


  1. I agree that sometimes the shorter poems can carry a lot of meaning in just a few words. The imagery is pretty graphic!

  2. kayla, it seems like a short poem has to do so much in such a tight space, it puts a healthy pressure on the language. it HAS to be strong, and it is!

  3. I thought this poem was very well written. The imagery used through out the poem is remarkable.