Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This new green hammock was hand woven out of recycled seatbelts. They are water resistant and completely comfortable. They come in very bright colors such as: hot pink, orange, camel, turquoise, chocolate or black. Every color for every mood! The company also does recycled pillow covers. Slightly overpriced, yet still very relaxing.($585.00)


  1. Thats pretty cool- ive seen handbags made out of the seatbelts too- mostly OSU colors.. but the thing is they are way more expensive that a regular handbag..or a regular hammock. It costs to be green & buy organic. Most college students are barely making it on their own as it is, let alone trying to be green.

  2. Slightly over priced?!? I'd say way over priced! I have a hamock I bought in Mexico for 5 bucks that was hand woven and relaxing. I do think it is a great idea and last a long time. Hopefully they'll be on Ebay soon.

  3. Yeah, rather impractical pricing. Disappointed its out of my price range.