Tuesday, October 27, 2009

350 Day of Climate Action Awareness Protests Across the World

Yesterday began a stream of rallies to raise awareness of the "350 day of climate action". These protests took place in over 181 countries. 350 is a special number, as it is what scientists believe to be a safe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in parts per million. As of now the carbon dioxide concentration is 387 parts per million. These rallies took place in order to raise awareness about this. For example, in the above picture mountain climbers hung a giant 350 banner on the cliffs of Table Mountain in South Africa.


  1. That seems very extreme but I think it gets a point across and you almost have to pay attention! It would be nice to know some things we can do to make it better

  2. I think sometimes this is the only way we can make people listen. Get them to do something that interests them and branch off of that concept with your own personal touch. This has actually worked on me before.