Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saving Clothes and Saving Money at The Same Time.

After perusing through green.yahoo I found an excellent article called "Saving lint for Lent" After reading this article I came to conclusion that I can save alot of money by NOT using an electrical or gas powered dryer on my clothing. When you use a dryer and see how much lint you collected your seeing what has been torn and taken out of your clothes. Try using a line outside and air dry your clothes. Your not destroying your clothes by any mean, also your saving power and money by not using your dryer. I found an interesting passage in the article where they explain:

In my experience, gently washing your clothes in cold water and drying them on a clothes line instead of shaking-and-baking them in an electric dryer can as much as double the life span of many apparel items.
Theoretically, that means you could cut your spending on clothing in half just by being careful about washing and line-drying them instead of using a machine.
Given that the average American family spends about $1,800 a year on clothing, that $900 savings over, say, thirty years with a compounded interest rate of five percent could build you a nice little nest egg of close to $70,000. And that's before factoring in the additional savings on energy and appliance costs when you line-dry instead of use a machine.
The article later goes on to tell that only about 5% of Americans throw out clothes that are truly "worn out"

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