Saturday, October 17, 2009

So We Shot

SO We Shot
I felt that “so we shot” was a very powerful poem that clarified what the soldiers actually did in Vietnam. In the beginning the poem starts in a normal tone and how boys love to shoot by boys being boys. But, then the poem continues to a darker side as the author talked about how the soldiers kill almost anything that came to their way. I find it interesting how Micus mention how the soldiers weren’t killing what they intended to kill. He said “Because we rarely saw them, we rarely shot the enemy.” It was very sad that the soldiers kill innocent women and children who had nothing to do with the war. It’s crazy to know all the different animals that the soldiers had killed. At the end, it was very heartbreaking to finally see what the soldiers went through after the war to the extent that they kill themselves. Overall, I loved all the poems that Micus wrote. He is very powerful poet.

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  1. ubah, i think that line about rarely seeing the enemy is important too. good job on this poem!