Monday, November 2, 2009

Never Scared

While watching this documentary a lot of things came to my mind. I truly admire how noble the freedom riders and other supporters were in any situation. What stood out to me the most was how non violent they all were, also what really stood out to me was the determination and dedication to support the freedom they were fighting for. They would take beatings after beatings nearly everyday just to prove a point. This particular type of courage is extremely rare in todays society. An example of a situation that proves how brave they were was when they pulled up to a bus station........ "And then all of a sudden, just like magic. White people, sticks and bricks, they're going, "Kill the niggers." We were still on the bus, you know? But I think we're all kind of deciding, "Well, maybe we should go off the back of this bus." Because we kind of knew that if we had gone off the back of the bus, then maybe they wouldn't be so bad on us. They wanted us to go off the back of the bus. And we decided no, no, we'll go off the front and take what's coming to us." This just goes to show how bad they desired freedom and how they worked hard just to prove there point.


  1. I agree that these freedom riders did show a lot of fight. It had to have been tough to sit on the bus and look out at whites threatening them with weapons. I give a lot of respect to them for fighting for their freedom.

  2. I couldn't even imagine sitting on a bus and people thinking so cruely of you and just sitting there and not fighting back.

  3. yeah i couldnt fathom having to face a situation similar to that. Having to walk off the bus and "face whats comin'" pssh. thats rough.