Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ain't Scare of Your jails

Ain’t scared of your jails was a powerful and very touching documentary. There were lot things in this movie that caught my attentions. One that stood out the most was the freedom riders. The freedom riders were interracial group students that came together to end segregation in interstates buses. These students were willing to end segregation even though their lives were at risk. They got beaten up and hurt numerous times but yet they weren’t retaliating. In my opinion I felt the issues and problems that the African American students were facing was a horrific story. One other thing that stood out me was sit-ins in lunch counters which the students will sit even though they were told to leave. They stood up for their rights and didn’t let segregation get in the way of what they stood for. “I never lived with or associated with black people and am not about to start now” this quote was by a white male in the beginning of the documentary it stood out to me because it showed how racist some people were back then.

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  1. ubah, this theme of sacrifice by the students and putting their lives on the line really stuck me, too. i think in the current world, people are very hesitant even to put their precious time on the line for a cause, much less their lives. but the film showed the power of people if they will sacrifice and put things on the line, i agree! good job!