Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aint Scared Of Your Jails

I have been exposed to the civil rights movement multiple times before, but none quite as powerful as the documentary Ain't Scared Of Your Jails. It displays a firsthand encounter of racism in the upper-south of Nashville, Tennessee. All aspects of the turmultuous civil rights movement were explored. I was surprised by the immense footage that seemed to chronologically place us as viewers throughout the process. Essentially, we were right there on the bus and right there in the church the along with the oppressed. I feel like I experienced the same oppression as them even though it was generations and decades ago. The most powerful moment in the whole film is when "pee-wee" is beating one of the bus riders with tears in his eyes. "You know how your parents used to discipline you and say, this will hurt me more than you? It hurt pee-wee more than it hurt me." That statement sums up the power behind the movement.

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