Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Freedom in Burma

Men kind has an ingrained seed of liberty in their nature. Through history this liberty has been tampered with by the ones that use their liberty to put another in bondage. All men across every corner of the earth have made an endeavor to bring freedom to their communities. The birth of the US is and it was an inspiration for many in their endeavors for freedom and democracy, in The Revolution of the Spirit, San Suu Kyi’s son recognizes the example of those nations that have revolted against the yoke of oppression. Burma has decided to proceed in their march for freedom, it is not a fight left only to those in positions of authority, but as Kyi’s son stated the Nobel peace price was also dedicated ‘to all those men, women and children who, even as I speak, continue o sacrifice their well being, their freedom and their lives in pursuit of a democratic Burma. Theirs is the price and their will be the eventual victory in Burma’s long struggle for peace, freedom and democracy’. A truly democratic nation lies within the principle of guarantee freedom of every individual regardless of circumstances. American’s are among the few privilege people to obtain what was rightfully theirs: freedom. Today let’s support those who are perusing for what is rightfully theirs as well. Today we can at least pray for the cause of true freedom to be established among those places where they are seeking for the natural rights that we so cherish today.

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